Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Am I the only person who never heard of Paris Hilton until reports surfaced of her being "horrified" that a three year old tape of her sex romp was being released over the Internet?
Isn't it amazing that controversy surfaced just as she was about to launch a TV series on FOX?

Does anyone believe Britney Spears New Year's Eve wedding was an impromptu event not designed in total to garner publicity?

Is there a person alive who thinks Janet Jackson didn't orchestrate her "bust a move" move at the Super Bowl from day one?
Isn't it amazing her record company released her new single the next day?

I call it "flash marketing".

Welcome to the new reality.

The most telling comment I heard on Ms. Jackson's display came from the 15 year old son of my boss -presumably the target audience for the half time extravaganza. He reacted to her fading pop star pop-out by saying, "She's old...ewww".