Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Moments ago I gave a friend a reference for adoption.

I wasn't expecting to. The phone rang. It was some woman on a bad sounding phone line asking to speak with Amy. Since Amy is sleeping, I asked if I could be of help. She said she wanted a reference for a friend of ours who wanted to adopt...a bull mastiff.

Because of the poor quality phone line I asked her to repeat that....but sure enough that's what she said.

I'm something of a dog freak so I know what a bull mastiff is....for those of you who might not be acquainted try to picture a Shetland pony...on steroids.

I didn't mention our friend lives in Oklahoma where I think dog fighting is still legal. I didn't mention that I thought our friend might quite possibly be insane.

I gave a good reference.

I sure don't want her ticked off....she might sic her dog on me.