Monday, February 16, 2004


Well I meant to write today about vicious dogs, barbed wire fences and pretty ribbons...but we got caught up in doctors, airplanes, stories of puke, and surprise visits.

Amy and I met with her pain doc...somewhat anticlimactic, but I think we both feel better.
I put Amy's sister on a plane right after my niece called to tell her mom (Amy's sister) she was puking (yellow and some came out her nose).

Tiffany is here visiting (okay, she's also doing laundry, but it still counts).

My eldest brother, Stan, is in town, and I've convinced him to stay with us tonight.. that's somewhat monumental in ways I won't explain.

And tomorrow my wife celebrates another birthday....I need to call her parents and thank them.

Dogs, fences and fancy bows will have to wait another day.

This is the blessing of time.