Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I have to pass along this comment from my now oft mentioned old friend Harlan who responded to my post about religious jewelry in email.

Forgive me Harlan, but the anecdote is too precious to keep to myself.

Harlan is Jewish and commented that there really is no equivalent in Judaism to the secularization of the cross as decoration in his faith, although some Jews wear the Star of David. He admitted wondering how the "secularization of the cross as decoration feels to practicing Christians". Then he pointed out that it is also common...and these are his exact words: "for someone to wear a "chai," (pronounced more like "hi" than the Indian tea's name) which is the Hebrew letter combination for the number '18' as well as the word "Life.""

He went on to say that during this particular jewelry "fad" many people bought such items not because of their religious significance but because...again Harlan's words:

"Apparently, they thought it was a profile of a dog...."