Saturday, January 03, 2004


I've mentioned before I am not the only person touting the Wayne Axiom- that people named Wayne are predisposed to crime and mayhem.
The author of the syndicated series "News of the Weird" is also a believer. This was included in his recent column of News of the Weird 2003 highlights:

Arrested for murder in 2003: Randy Wayne Richards (Courtenay, British Columbia), Curtis Wayne Pope (Fort Worth, Texas), Joseph Wayne Cook (Wilmington, N.C.), Michael Wayne Sears (Charlottesville, Va.), Dale Wayne Eaton (Denver), Ricky Wayne Brown (Manassas, Va.), Dennis Wayne Bryant (Richmond, Va.). Awaiting trial for murder (pending competency exam): Elvis Wayne Botley (Palm Springs, Calif.). Committed suicide while a murder
suspect: Rodger Wayne Chastain (San Francisco). Sentenced for murder:
Michael Wayne Fisher (Chester County, Pennsylvania). Appeal rejected:
convicted murderer Barry Wayne Riley (Vancouver, British Columbia).
Executed for murder: Allen Wayne Jenecka (Huntsville, Texas), Bobby Wayne Swisher (Jarrett, Va.). And (Ouch!) acquitted of murder: David Wayne McQuater (Metter, Georgia).

I'm going to assume by this that the author is what I call a Wayne Theory purist, in that he believes there are special connotations to people with the middle name of Wayne. I know a lawyer here in San Antonio who also adheres to this theory. He actually has his secretary go through court dockets and copy off the case details of criminals and accused criminals who have Wayne as their middle name.

I, on the other hand, am on the more liberal spectrum of Waynists. I tend to distrust people whose first, middle or even last names are Wayne. Actually, Dwaynes, DeWaynes, and DuWaynes are suspect in my mind too.

This past year a woman named Waynetta also made my list.

In fact, I've manage to avoid Wayne, Michigan and Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

I once drove through Wayne, Ohio...but we didn't linger.