Saturday, January 10, 2004


We had a plan and everything...

The plot to sneak Amy out of the hospital this afternoon went down in flames. Her very kind nurse informed us that if Amy was off the floor for more than about 30 minutes, that would likely trigger some concern. We had been planning more along the lines of 3 hours and had intended not only to leave the floor, but to leave that entire part of the city.

Like most ill conceived schemes, ours fractured upon more intensive examination.

Yeah, we chickened out.

Amy didn't want to risk getting the nurses in trouble, and I started imagining some string of bad luck (I don't know why) like a flat tire or a fender bender, and Amy not making "bed check". That in turn would have resulted in more confusion in the medical community, which is something I'm not willing to risk at this point.

We opted to send me back home and bring Lisa up to the hospital so she can see her Mom before she goes back to Baylor tomorrow.

I never was very good at conspiracies.