Saturday, January 31, 2004


Question: What do Amy and this man have in common?

If you answered, they're both moving kinda're right.

You're also old, or you watch too much Nick at Nite.

Amy may be home from the hospital, but it's quickly become apparent that she's got a lot of healing to do. We had a scare this morning which we thought was going to send us back to the hospital (in an ambulance) but I think we're going to be okay.

I spent much of the day cleaning the garage - I figure if I keep Amy medicated she won't notice all the stuff I'm throwing away.

This is a job that's needed doing for some time.

In truth, there are lots of things that need doing around here, but I'm usually pretty adept at ignoring all of them.

Today, I was determined to attack the garage...

When my friend Teketha's daughter was having surgery a week or so back, a lot of friends and family gathered to be with her before she went under the knife. In fact, Teketha was concerned about having so many people crammed into the surgical waiting area. She feared it would make her daughter feel even more uncomfortable.
There sure were a bunch of folks, and soon we had forgotten the hushed protocol that everyone assumes is appropriate in such places. We were all talking. There was laughter. There was story telling.

Teketha said to me, "If I ever have surgery I don't want a crowd."

Teketha's daughter was in a great deal of pain, but it wasn't long before she was taking part in the conversations...and the laughter.

Next week, Amy's brother and sister-in-law have graciously offered to visit. Soon after that, I hope to convince Amy's sister to do the same.

There won't be much to do here. We've got cable and crossword puzzles.

Still the visits will do wonders for Amy..and for me.

The truth is that it's sometimes easier to see the world clearly if we're distracted from looking at it so intensely.

Plus, the garage won't stay clean for long...I need witnesses.

"I think nighttime is dark so you can imagine your fears with less distraction." - Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes