Saturday, January 24, 2004


There was a little funk coloring my mood today.

Spent the morning with Amy, and she is doing better. She's determined to get out of the hospital on Monday.

But I'm keeping my optimism in check until I see a doctor signing the release papers.

An empty house breeds too much introspection.

I tried to combat it this afternoon by doing some dusting and cleaning, that in itself is a pretty good indicator of how boring life has become when the only other occupants of the house all have four legs, fur and questionable breath.

The plague of the mundane was broken by the ring of the phone.

It was my eldest stepdaughter, Tiffany. In town unannounced. She was around the corner shopping and wanted to stop by.

We had a good visit before I sent her on her way to go see her Mom at the hospital.

The house isn't immaculate by any means, but I've been disinfunked...just in time.

God provides.