Monday, January 05, 2004


The Britney Spears annulment should be finalized today. Looking at a copy of her marriage license, I think Britney and her soon-to-be ex should consider medical school. Their handwriting certainly qualifies...

Of course, I might be judging her too harshly. Her penmanship is much better in this autographed picture I found on line (cropping done by me, this is a family site).

Maybe she was just tired when she signed up for the marriage license.


The town council in Zilwaukee, Michigan is expected to vote today to require most men to grow beards.

Men are supposed to refrain from shaving until June when Zilwaukee will hold a "Beard Fest" to mark the town's 150th birthday. The city leaders hope this will attract tourists.

I hope it works.

The beards that made Zilwaukee famous.