Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Amy is in a great deal of pain, more than with any previous surgery. This has added to her general emotional roller coaster. Tonight I asked her nurse, Sarah, to come in and speak with her. She closed the door, ignored her beeper, sat on the bed and calmly spoke to Amy reassuring her. She explained how Amy needed to stay on top of her pain management (she has a morphine pump), that more drugs were forthcoming, and that she shouldn't try to be brave.

Sarah told her that it was perfectly understandable that she was in pain and promised things will get better. She told Amy she was doing great considering all she's been through, and not to stress out over it. She even filled a rubber glove with water, tied it off and said, "squeeze this, pull this, throw this, do whatever you want with this whenever you feel stress."

Sarah is perhaps the best medicine Amy has received in some time.