Thursday, January 08, 2004


I should be sleeping, but I'm not so, I'll prattle on here for a moment.

It looks like Amy will be in the hospital for another day or two at least. She's been diagnosed with a staph infection which will, I'm assuming, prevent any surgeries. However her surgeon still wants to run more tests so we can't bust her out and let her be treated for the infection at home.

I found myself in this odd place this morning. I had written last night about our young friends and their frustration, and then today Amy endured some poor communication with the medical staff at the hospital. I got off work and went to join her and soon found myself being a bit more forceful than usual with the people caring for her.

In reality, I know it was justified. I don't think I was simply venting anger and frustration. I was being Amy's advocate, pointing out that she was not getting the information, much less the care she deserves. Nonetheless I did wonder if I would come home and read my post from last night and think some of those words might have been easier to write than to swallow.

In any case, I got her doctor's well as that of a radiologist, a few nurses, the nurse manager, and I think someone in the finance office.

We also got some answers. That's all we really wanted.

Okay...I need a nap. Don't want to be grumpy when I go back to the reputation is already on thin ice.