Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I work for the largest radio company in the world. I'm proud of that.

When I started working for them they owned 8 radio stations, today they own some 1200...less than ten percent of the stations in the country.

This week in San Antonio there's an FCC pseudo-hearing about "media consolidation". It serves no real purpose other than to let a handful of politicians make the same points they've made in Washington to the ridicule of their colleagues. However a plethora of wackos with axes to grind and facts to distort are gathering here because our Washington politicians are giving them a stage.

Some of these folks are anti war.
Some are anti fur.
Some are anti-Republican
Some are anti-trade.
Some are anti-globalization
Some are anti-business
Some are unemployed musicians.
Many are full time protesters.
None are pro anything.

One "organizer" sent out an email today saying folks like me are "robber barons".

Don't I need epaulets or something to qualify for that title?

The protesters outside our company headquarters today dressed up as pirates.

The people I have worked side by side with for nearly 20 years dress like normal people. They're guilty of being capitalists.

No apologies.

We're also guilty of organizing blood drives, toy drives, breast cancer runs, United Way fundraisers. We're guilty of building houses for the needy on our own time, and giving millions of dollars to charity.

That's only the beginning.

One thing you can't accuse us of is organizing protests and dressing up as pirates.

We don't have the time for that.