Sunday, November 23, 2003


You have to look closely to see them. Scripture references, etched into concrete.
You have to look closely because they've been covered up.

Wet cement is a temptation...even for adults.

As we were finishing construction of our church, one of the workers, a very devout and vocal believer, decided it would be appropriate to leave a mark in the wet cement outside the front door to the sanctuary. He used his finger to write bible passage references upon our church doorstep.

Our church was a group project; this worker was something of a personal project for our church builder. He didn't do particularly great work. He had lived a hard life but had found salvation, and thanks to our builder, he had found work. He wanted very much to combine the two.

The builder had him cover over the words with fresh cement, but he didn't do a particularly great job so, if you know they're there, you can see portions of them.

I know at least one member of our church who rubs her shoe on that spot when she enters, hoping to gradually uncover the writings. I sort of hope she succeeds.

The path to our church has paved over good intentions.