Monday, November 03, 2003


I crossed a time line today. I suppose it's one of those points that most every person crosses eventually in their life.

My new boss was introduced today. He is 29.

Most of my adult life my immediate superiors have always at least been my age, and usually quite a bit older. I've had bosses who were 29 before...but that was when I was 17 or 20. I've never had a boss who still a suckling when I was graduating high school.

I only met him for a second early this morning as he was brought through the newsroom by one of my other, more properly aged, bosses. The immediate buzz in the office was, "Is he old enough to drive? Does he shave yet?"

Later, I had the opportunity to spend more time with him and see how he handled himself. He stood before the entire staff and took our questions. He's sharp, very focused, obviously driven and blunt.

I was impressed, and that's good -- first impressions do count.

However, I'll have to see how he stands up to the test of time.