Wednesday, November 26, 2003


I'm dashing this out, as I wolf down a sandwich before heading back to the hospital where I brought Amy this afternoon for what we thought was going to be a routine procedure, the insertion of another PICC line. It didn't go as planned. Apparently the line hit a nerve, she was having discomfort, numbing and the like in her arm after it was inserted. I didn't like that...Amy didn't like that...the doctor didn't like that.

So, right about now, they should be pulling that newly inserted line out and inserting another "central" line. It'll be a little awkward, going into her jugular rather than her arm, but it seemed the logical, safest and most expedient approach. Plus, now Amy is sedated, which was long overdue in this ordeal.

I've come to expect unexpected complications in this ongoing saga, and as I waited at the hospital today a few thoughts crossed my mind on the frustrations, and fears balanced against the sum total of our lives.

I'll share those when I have the time to write them, and that will be will be Thanksgiving.

For the record: If you're reading this Wednesday afternoon/night- A small prayer for no further complications would be welcome and that wouldn't mess up my Thanksgiving thoughts at all.