Tuesday, November 11, 2003


I've been thinking about Jessica today.

Not that Jessica. Not the one who is doing tearful TV interviews, and releasing a book. Not the one selling her story on Veteran's day.

I'm thinking about little Jessica. A child. The niece of close friends who has been hospitalized for two months. Jessica has spina bifida and has lived her short life in a wheelchair. She comes to our church every once in a while. The last time she visited, she helped take the offering. It was a big moment.

A couple of months ago Jessica started developing sores. They were deep and devastating. The best medical minds couldn't stop them from spreading. The sores wouldn't heal. The battle for her tissue raged out of control. Jessica put up a fight. Doctors aided her in battle. They took no prisoners in an urgent fervor to block the expansion of this horrifying invasion. At one point portions of bone had to be cut away to save others. It appeared she might lose a leg.

In this war zone, Jessica has been virtually alone. Unable to comprehend all that is happening to her. Incapable of understanding why she is in pain, why she has been sent off to Dallas where the best doctors were available. Why her Mommy and Daddy seemed panicked and why she only gets to see them one or two days a week when they drive 300 miles one way to be with her.

Our church family has been involved in this war too. We strapped on the only armor we have, prayer...and we prayed.

This weekend I learned that that the tide seems to finally have turned. Jessica is getting better.

Now I'm saying prayers of thanksgiving.

No one will see Jessica on TV or buy her book...but hers is a story of courage too. And of a Hero.