Thursday, November 20, 2003


We have a winner!

The Superblessed Christian Blog Awards are out!

I know, if you're like most people you've reacted to that announcement by saying, "Huh? The what?".

Actually, I mentioned some weeks ago that I was mysteriously included among the nominees . What do you know, I won! Well sort was a tie.

I think the panel of judges - which I believe is just Ganns, who runs Superblessed - couldn't decide between this blog and What in for the honor of "Most Humorous Christian Blog", so that means the vast amount of prize money will be split two ways.

I'm not upset by that at all. Even if my eldest stepdaughter were not a math teacher I'd be able to discern that half of diddly squat is diddly squat.

Nonetheless, it's this blog's first award and, I might be so daring to predict, most likely its last.

Surely good taste will prevail in future years.