Monday, November 24, 2003


I spent the day shoveling dirt. Yes, I'm on vacation, when I am not on vacation I spend the day shov...well, it's different.

We've been working on a new building at the church and topsoil has to be spread in order for it to meet inspection. It's a job I'm capable of doing, and I had the time. However now it's time for a nap and ibuprofen, not necessarily in that order.

Our Thanksgiving plans have at least been cleared up a little with two words from Amy's doctor, "Permission denied". He's not letting her travel, so that resolves that issue. It will be weird, Amy and I have never spent Thanksgiving anywhere else since we've known each other. It's also a terrible year not to be with my Aunt, who lost her Mom and her Aunt this year. However we've made tentative plans to have "Thanksgiving-The Lost days" with her in a few weeks, and this is merely a bump in the road. We'll get over it.

Now we must only decide with whom to spend the day or if we want to have a quiet Thanksgiving at home. I really have no preferences, as long as there's a TV nearby so I can watch the Dallas game. Well, I guess I don't want to spend the day with folks who aren't at least moderate Cowboys fans, and I do want to eat.

I'm so easy to please.

That decision can be delayed until after more pressing matters are attended to, such as the aforementioned nap.