Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Each day I sit in a small booth alone, and talk to myself. I know other people are listening.

I'm not officially insane. It's radio.

I don't get a lot of feedback in broadcasting. An occasional angry call from someone who is confused, and the regular remarks from friends of "Hey, I heard you on the radio today." That's usually the extent of it.

In truth, I get much more enjoyment getting comments on this blog.

The radio stations I work for reach conservatively tens of thousands of people every day. By the time this blog is read by ten thousand people my typing fingers will have decayed to dust. Yet today I woke up in a funk and when I sat down at the computer to start work there were comments! It made my day.

Why do I get such joy from responses here? Maybe it's because I get to write whatever I want here, and I don't have quite as much freedom on the radio.

Or maybe I simply like to revel in the concept of sharing my insanity.