Saturday, November 15, 2003


Didn't have time to write anything the past couple of days. On Thursday, I got off work, cleaned the church and then assumed my role as lackey for Amy as she worked some computer miracles for a client. Friday, I drove directly from my office to the offices of another of Amy's clients. Spent the entire day there. By the time we got home, time slipped away.

I mention this only because I was robbed of my electric razor.

I had left it sitting on the passenger seat of my car in a parking lot. Yes, the car was unlocked, but who steals cheap, used, electric razors? It never crossed my mind.

The other morning I was driving into the office and began a somewhat familiar process of reaching around trying to figure out where in the car my razor was when I realized it was gone!

Memo to thief:

First off: Ewwww. Why would you want my yucky old razor?
Second: It's not magic.

You have to recharge it.

Come back by, I'll give you the cord you need. I'm sure by now it's run out of juice. You stole a well worn, unchargable, electric razor.

Hopefully, you're not thinking of thievery as a career.

I suppose it was a silly crime of opportunity. Someone walked by my car, saw the razor and realized the car was unlocked. That's all the thinking that went into it.

I don't have much of a beard. I can go for days without shaving, and no one would really notice. I've tried to grow a beard on several occasions and always gave up due to embarrassment.

What the thief took from me was more important than my razor. He - I'm assuming this nefarious criminal is a he, because if it's a woman that's even weirder - stole time.

I shave while I drive to work, so until I replaced the razor I had to get up a few minutes earlier to shave. If you don't think a few minutes is that big of a deal, why do you hit the snooze bar?

I already bought a new razor. It's another cheap one. It's all l I need. I'm going to keep it in my car too.

But I'll lock the car doors, to keep the time bandits out.