Wednesday, October 01, 2003


I got cut off in traffic on the way home today. Actually it was more of a mini-road rage incident. A driver came up behind me at about 80 miles an hour in a big red truck and then proceeded to ride my bumper to express his outrage that I was impeding his attempt to become the first human to reach light speed on asphalt

At first I couldn't move over without getting hit, and then that bizarre semi-suicidal symbiotic relationship that is almost exclusive to highways suddenly came to bloom. I got obstinate. I decided to ignore the maniac behind me, and drive the speed limit. I wasn't going to move over no matter what. He would have to go around. Within seconds he did, and then he pulled in front of me and slowed down to 40 miles an hour. I wasn't in a hurry so I didn't really care, he was the one rushing to get somewhere didn't he remember? I tried to change lanes but he pulled in front of me blocking my way. I changed lanes again and he did the same thing. Eventually I slowed down and let him get caught up in the waves of traffic which propelled him safely away. I watched him exit...and I made a mental note of his license plate number.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. When I got home, I looked up my highway jousting friend's plate. I found out his name, Hector. His wife's name. Their address.

I actually started to send him a note. I wanted to word it so it wouldn't contain any overt threat. I figured an anonymous note letting him know I knew who he was and where he lived, while he didn't know anything about me, besides a certain intimacy with my front and rear bumpers, would imply enough.

How silly is that?

Hector was probably having a bad day. I've had plenty of those. Hector was in a rush. I've been in a hurry before too. Hector wasn't thinking straight. I've been there also.

I'm ashamed I let myself get caught up in such ugliness, even for a brief moment. I'm thankful though that moments like that pass.

Hector, wherever you are, I hope your day improves.

We're all on the road together, and none of us are truly behind the wheel.

PSALM 25:9

He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way.