Sunday, October 19, 2003


About to head out to church, Amy is packing her gear. The way this feeding gizmo works, she has to be hooked up for 14 hours, then take blood sugar readings at a couple of specific times after she's unfettered. Most all of the stuff is neatly stowed in a back pack, but due to the timing of it all, she'll have to unhook herself at church, and do a blood sugar reading midway through Sunday school and right before she begins leading the music team. It's likely to be an interesting sight. To top it off, I've come down with yet another cold. Today's sermon is on the trials of Job...really!

Yesterday afternoon we ran into our next door neighbor. I hadn't seen her for several days. It turns out her husband, a Lutheran Minister, is gravely ill with strep pneumonia and at one point they feared he wouldn't live. They have four kids, including 3 very young boys. Now, thank God, it looks like her husband has taken a turn for the better.

Late last night our friend, Rhonda, called Amy. Her son had been badly beaten. The sound of a Lifeflight chopper could be heard in the background, as medics were rushing her only son to the intensive care unit. Doctors have put him into a drug induced coma to keep his brain from swelling. Amy prayed with Rhonda over the phone. Her son is only 15.

Anytime I start to feel a little self-pity I merely need to look outside myself.

Then I look up...and praise God for our many blessings.

JOB 1:21
The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.