Wednesday, October 29, 2003

(UNDATED) - Highly respected researchers in South Florida have come to the startling conclusion that recent emissions from the Sun are only going to get worse. In fact, they're predicting waves of radiation may pummel the Earth with such force that life on most of the planet could cease to exist. The scientists, whose claims are being rapidly scrutinized by governments world wide, say the electro magnetic pulses have already destroyed large asteroids within view of Earth. If their research proves true, the first deaths will likely occur within the next two days. "I believe all of mankind will be eliminated from the Earth by this Friday", said Dr. Herman Eisenforth, a noted astronomer and Nobel Laureate. "I'm devoting all my remaining time to my family, there is no sense doing any additional research."
Government officials in Washington are cautioning Americans not to panic and say a statement from President Bush will be forthcoming.

The above story is a complete fabrication.

I was just wondering what you would do if it were true?