Saturday, October 11, 2003


It's a full day today. Amy and I are doing some computer work for one of her clients, trying to get everything settled before she goes in to the hospital next week. Before that I went out to the church do try to keep ahead of the landscaping.

I was so intent on getting our list of things done this morning, that I actually hauled my mower out to the church about an hour before dawn. There's a street lamp across the roadway from our little house of faith, and I figured I could trudge through the darkness with only a glimmer of light and still make some progress against the ever rising grass. I got a few odd looks from early morning motorists, but actually I managed to get quite a bit done before the sun came up, and upon later examination it was evident I had not really gotten off track.

As I was pushing the mower through the darkness I thought that really this is not such an uncommon practice in my life. I forge ahead blindly quite often, thanks to the the assurance provided by one light.