Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Amy is back in the hospital as expected. We had a little more drama in the process. A friend drove Amy to the hospital so that I would not have to take off another day of work, and they got rear-ended on the highway. Thank God, no one was seriously hurt. The woman who ran into them already was in a neck brace, she was on the way to her doctor. Anyway, I had to rescue Amy off the freeway to get her checked in to the hospital while our friend waited for police to come take a report.

I'm sure I'll see the humor in all this...eventually.

Anyway, Amy should be hooked up to her food source sometime soon and then she'll spend a few days getting adjusted to it all. I pray this is the right diagnosis. I pray for patience. I pray for safe travel on San Antonio's insane freeway system. In a nutshell...I'm just praying a lot.

I think that's a good thing.