Thursday, October 09, 2003


I remember the first church Amy and I attended on a regular basis. A small, non-denominational, charismatic church in a strip center. They never passed a plate. All offerings were made quietly and privately at a small box at the back of the little sanctuary. I found that charming and inviting.

Then, there's this:

real. It's The Offering Machine!

It makes my skin crawl.

I've been looking at this picture and wondering why I have such a strong aversion.

I'm a geeky, techno-oriented type of guy. I have all sorts of gadgets. I live off my ATM card and don't even carry a checkbook.

Yet this bothers me.

The obvious objections I think are to the imagery. A cash machine emblazoned with the cross seems so very horrible.

But quite honestly, I don't think it's the existence of "The Offering Machine!" that offends me as much as the realization that there are churches that exist where this can sit in the sanctuary and fit in.