Wednesday, October 15, 2003


This is an attempt at blogging while at the hospital keeping Amy company.sort of. I'm typing away on my little PDA with the big keyboard in the dim light of Amy's room while she checks her email on her handheld. What a couple.

She may get out Thursday, God willing, and then we can be at home together...each on our own computers. I'm hoping she'll get sprung around the time I get off work so we can avoid some of the highway lunacy I've experienced recently.

There are few advantages to driving into work at 2:30 in the morning, but one of them is the lack of congestion on the freeways. Most mornings I daringly get behind the wheel and operate on the assumption that everyone around me on the road is drunk. This provides for a fairly simple driving philosophy: Stay as far away from everyone else as possible.

These trips to and from the hospital each day during peak traffic times have enlightened me to what it's like for the rest of humanity. San Antonio doesn't have anywhere near the traffic nightmares of many large cities, but the bumper to bumper moments are still readily available. What I've noticed is that the more intense the traffic, the more hostile the drivers. If traffic is at a standstill then most of the other motorists have their guards up. No one will give ground. Every inch of asphalt is disputed territory. If you try to inch into another lane folks act like you're stealing food from their children. It's positively nuts.

Yesterday I experienced a maniacal soccer mom in a minivan barreling down the freeway at 80 miles an hour. I tried to get out of her way but she swooped around me only to exit about a half mile up the road, where she promptly got stuck in another line of traffic. It's like a pack mentality - surrounded by steel and exacerbated by speed.

It's a statement on society that I cope better with drunks on the freeway than soccer moms....not a good statement, but a statement nonetheless.