Friday, October 03, 2003


What a nice feeling...breathing.

Amy's had a stretch of a couple of fairly good days, which is helping me breathe easier. Plus, I think the viral invaders are on the run and I actually feel like a return to normalcy, as defined by me at least, is feasible.

I'm really only dashing out a note here to abide by my vow to write at least something every day. Amy and I have had a full day attending to one of her clients. Now it's time to relax and enjoy each other, and the unburdened ease of Friday night.

I actually came home intent on blogging about Rush Limbaugh, the sad state of journalism in America, and Satan. Not that I think those three are intertwined by any means, but all three topics were on my mind. However it all seemed too heavy. I hit delete.

Perhaps I'll ruminate some more and maybe the end result will manifest itself here...or maybe I'll just let it all go.

It's Friday.