Wednesday, October 29, 2003


I've been thinking about gifts today. It started with my winning a paper shredder at the company picnic. I went by the palatial corporate offices today to pick up my prize only to discover that somehow the folks in charge of the drawing had confused a paper shredder with a ten piece silver plated photo frame set with the photos included. I was a little befuddled, and so were the corporate folks. No one could explain it. It wasn't something I wanted to waste any time on, so I simply took what was offered. I have as much use for a paper shredder as I do for an ugly set of pictures.

I wasn't appreciative, and I am a little saddened by my reaction. Yes, this tacky frame set will end up in a garage sale or at Goodwill, but still it was given to me freely. It got me thinking how often I am presented with gifts which I overlook or choose to ignore simply because they were not what I expected or wanted.

It's often only in retrospect that I realize their true value.

God, help me see the blessings and gifts before me. Help me appreciate all that I have, for I have an abundance.