Tuesday, October 07, 2003


I don't pitch fits too often. I can really only think of one or two occasions in recent years when I've gotten in someone's face to drive home the fervency of my point of view.

Once was some years back at DFW airport. Amy and I had had our flight cancelled the night before from Colorado, and then were delayed on the flight back the next day. When we finally arrived in Dallas, tired and wrinkled by the rigors of travel, we were informed there was no room for us on the only available flight back to San Antonio.

I remember asking Amy to go find a quiet spot well away from the ticket counter because I was going to be noisy. I had heard that airports were places where causing a scene sometimes pays off, and I figured we had nothing to lose.

I bellowed and barked, complained and accused. I huffed and was haughty. I dropped names and flung my arms about in exasperation for all to see.

It was embarrassing...but our seats on the next flight were quite comfortable.

I've pitched a few fits at work over the years, primarily when I thought we were making grave errors in editorial judgement. In truth, I'm paid to do that. I've won some of those battles, and I've lost one or two.

Amy has been out of the hospital for a week and a half and we still have no answers. She is still in pain. She had another test a week ago, but no one has called us with results. Amy has politely called her doctor's office six times in the past week seeking guidance, and no one has had the courtesy to even call her back.

I know patience is a virtue...but today I didn't see it that way.

The doctor's office staff now knows me. Not a voice on the phone. Me -- in person. I drove to their office and presented them with a close up look at an anguished, tired, husband who has watched his wife double over in pain on a regular basis far too often. A husband who has grown weary with being helpless.

I pitched a fit. It was a polite fit, at least I thought so, though I didn't stick around for the reviews.

The doctor, of course, was not in the office, but I wouldn't be surprised if he calls this afternoon. Actually I'd be shocked if he doesn't. I did succeed in getting Amy put on his schedule for later this week and I suspect when she arrives at his office they will attend to her needs expeditiously.

I hope so...that would be quite fitting.