Monday, October 27, 2003


I only remember hearing eight words in church yesterday. Sure, I listened to the sermon. I even taught a Sunday school class. I shook hands with a bunch of people, and talked with lots of folks, but when I came home I could only think of those eight words.

They were spoken by one of our teenage members during the prayer request time. Many people may not even have heard them. Lots of folks were speaking up. They asked for healing and health, help with jobs, traveling mercies, and strength. The words I heard weren't spoken loudly. They were uttered with a quiet sadness amid that sea of hope.

And they commanded attention.

"Pray for my friend Katy, who cuts herself."

Those eight words stung my heart. I don't know Katy, but I know the torment of youth. I know all too well the unseasoned thoughts that rush through young minds and how they are too often followed by reckless actions.

I know those eight words are ringing with me today.

And I know I will continue to pray...for my friend Katy, who cuts herself.