Sunday, October 12, 2003


It's been raining for the past several days. That means the children must play inside. In our case, the only children that are at home are the four legged variety.

In recent weeks, Avery has taken on yet another new personality quirk. She already is the dominate dog in the house, although she's the smallest. She's the smartest dog in the house, and the most stubborn. She is the only female, but at times she seems somewhat gender confused (I won't detail that, but if you watch enough PBS you can surmise what I mean). She can be the sweetest dog among the trio, and she is by far the most aggressive. She rarely makes noise when inside, but outside she has been known to bark incessantly.

Now her schizophrenia has reached a new level.

It appears, Avery is becoming a cat.

She's always tended to clean herself, pulling mud off her feet and such, but now she's taken to sitting on the windowsill in a Sphinx-like pose, staring out at the wonders in the yard below.

I'm hoping this is actually some form of evolution, because my only other theory is that if you stay in the house long enough with me, you'll gradually go insane.