Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I swore I'd never use a PDA. I never thought I'd have a use for one. I don't want to have a life busy enough to need a PDA.

Amy has had a hand-held computer for some time, and she recently acquired a new one. I say acquired, because we didn't pay for it (see previous posts on poverty). Anyway, since she has a new fancy one, I decided to take her old Palm Pilot and see if I could find some purpose for it in my life.

I've had it less than two weeks and now I'm wedded to it. I write notes to myself....reminders. I keep all my church phone numbers in it. I no longer have to reach around under the seat of my car looking for a wadded up church directory when I want to call someone. I log my work interviews and set alarms to remind me of them. With Amy in the hospital, it's been invaluable in helping me remember what stuff she said she needs, and what work stuff I need to work around.

Amy even found me a folding full sized keyboard (99 cents on Ebay plus shipping) so I can type away no matter where I am.

This little gadget has wormed itself into my life with legitimate purpose, in addition to providing me a way to relive the thrill of Tetris and other games gone by.

There were some caveats though. I don't use it for email. I have email at work, and email at home...I don't want email in between. I need email free zones in my life.

The other requirement was that there be someway to protect the PDA from me. I tend to drop things. Luckily, Amy already had an indestructible case for it.

The case is aluminum, but it feels like steel. It offers solid sanctuary from my stumblings.

This morning I got to the office and pulled out the shiny silver case. I popped it open with anticipation, knowing I had dutifully organized my day. I was ready to tackle the tasks before me.. I was anxious to be digitally organized.

It was then I realized how sad I had become.

I've gotten in the habit of using the thing. Now if only I could get in the habit of actually putting it inside the shiny case and bringing it with me too.

Another analog Wednesday.