Monday, October 20, 2003


We crate trained all our dogs, one of the few training efforts which we attempted that actually stuck...with us, and sometimes with the dogs too. Our two little dogs still sleep in their cages, and they are quite content.

If you are an animal rights activist who believes no dog should ever sleep in a cage, please email me your address. We'll negotiate a way to allow the dogs to come visit, so they can run free throughout your household day and night. Please include the cost of shipping and handling, plus a signed and notarized release for all damages.

Our big dog, Klondike, still uses his crate when we have company over, and on certain other occasions, but he usually has the run of the house. Most of the time though he'll stay in whatever room Amy and I are occupying.

Our special needs dog, Winston, enjoys his crate. He likes to stretch out and exceed the confines with his toes. Usually while resting on his back and dreaming of someone rubbing his belly.

I saw a blurb from a Harris poll this morning. I couldn't find any additional references to it. I'm not a big fan of polls as news stories, since they never tell you the questions that are asked, only the "surprising results." I suspect this might have been an online survey, which makes its results even more suspect.

Anyway, this was what it said:

"According to a Harris Poll, 42 percent of Americans say God is male, but only 1 percent say the Almighty is female. 11 percent say God is both male and female.

As I do quite often with questions of deep theology, and meaningless pop culture, I emailed it to my Pastor . He came back with the logical retort, "What about the other 46 percent?"

I didn't have the answer to that, but suggested that perhaps that was the number of people who thought the survey was silly. One can only hope.

I guess that's being flip. I know there are people who spend hours agonizing over issues such as this.

Is God male, or is God female? Is God both?

In all honesty, I don't spend any time at all on such things. If you want to believe God is male...great. If you believe God is a female, fine! If you want to stick your toes out of the confines of convention and say God is a both male and female...I really have no problem with that either.

We can still all agree on one thing.

God is.

That's all I really need...though I won't turn down a belly rub.