Friday, October 10, 2003


Amy's doctor has a new diagnosis. Her doctor is not really sure about it, but as we spoke today it seemed to fit all her symptoms. I don't remember the name, but it boils down to some rarely occurring syndrome where certain parts of her body are restricting other parts. It's gotten worse as she has lost weight, and she's losing weight because it hurts to eat.

The good news is, the first approach to resolving this is non-surgical. The bad news is Amy will back in the hospital for several days next week and then for six weeks she'll be getting force fed the equivalent of a chicken fried steak dinner with all the fixins' a couple of times a day. The worse news is she'll be fed through another PICC line so she won't exactly be enjoying a good meal.

I'm not sure what type of wine you serve with intravenous mush, but a red wine would seem appropriate.