Friday, October 17, 2003


This liquid nutrition thing we've got going with Amy has been a real education. I assumed all we were going to have to do is hook her up to one of the bags of mush each night and off we'd go. As usual, my fanciful visions of simplicity have evaporated rapidly.

When the home health care nurse stopped by last night I took notes. Yes, I used my presumably non-washable PDA with the keyboard.

Each huge bag of milky looking blandness has to be injected prior to infusion with all sorts of other stuff from insulin to vitamin K . That in itself was enlightening since I didn't know there was a Vitamin K. In fact I kind of thought that was a slang drug term, or maybe a knockoff breakfast cereal. It's all very precise. There are swabs, syringes, tubes, vials, and needles. Some stuff has to be refrigerated, other components can't be. There's a computerized pump that beeps and whirs.

There's even a backpack in case Amy gets the urge to go hiking. I already figure that'll make for a great hallowe'en costume, no one else will be dressed as an escapee from Mount Kilimanjaro Hospital.

I actually took down 60 different points involved in the process of preparing one sack of sustenance.

It may be in a to go bag, but it's not fast food.