Thursday, September 25, 2003


Amy is undergoing a bunch of tests today and there are too many to cram into just one fun filled day in a hospital gown, so she's not being released. I will say having my life focused on Amy's health has made the week fly by. It hasn't exactly been a productive week. I don't think I've done my best at the office, but sometimes you have to work by rote I suppose.

This has been the routine: Work. Hospital. Home. Nap. Hospital. Home. Sleep. Work. In between, I yell at the dogs for barking...and occasionally I feed them.

Amy is actually feeling pretty good, which makes all this much more tolerable. Early on, when she was just pained and drugged, it was a different story.

I'm reminded frequently that others have much heavier burdens to bear.

Patience is not my specialty, but obviously it's a character trait God is willing to instill in me by force if necessary.

I know this hasn't been the most enlightening or coherent writing this week. It's the first week since I started this blog that I haven't felt like saying much. However I promise that coming soon I will write about important elevator buttons, bluebirds and pancakes.

There are lessons in those least to me.