Sunday, September 07, 2003


Ah, Sunday. The day is full of promise and hope.

It got off to a somewhat rocky start. I was driving to church and using my electric razor when I got a subtle whiff of what smelled like bacon grease. This was an odd realization and I must admit I momentarily took it as a sign from God that my arteries were so clogged I was now literally exuding fat. Could every double bacon cheeseburger I had ever consumed now be exiting my pores?

Then I noticed that my entire passenger side seat had a slightly stained tint to it.

Upon further inspection I realized I was wrong. It wasn't bacon grease. It was sausage juice.

Yesterday I had taken an evening meal, which Amy prepared, to some friends and evidently I took a few turns too fast...leaving the pork equivalent of skid marks on my car seat.

Still it was nice to know the odor wasn't emanating from me. One of my car windows doesn't roll up all the way so the hint of Eau De Porcine will actually be a nice change of pace from the Musk of Mold with which I've become accustomed.

Yes, I'm feeling optimistic.

Today was our "New Beginnings" Sunday at church where the Sunday school classes are introduced and we prepare for a new year of study. Being Baptists this, of course, is another excuse to hold a "pot luck". There was lots of good food and good community.

This is going to be an exciting year. We're splitting the adult class which I think will be good for our church and for me personally. There will be a more structured bible study and then the more wizened Cynics and Mystics, who have had a tendency to dominate our wallflower contingent, will be relegated to a place all their own.

Our new classroom building will soon be finished so these classes will have actual places to meet. It's not yet been determined if the Cynics and Mystics class will be finished out with padding on the walls. I will lobby though for doors that lock...from the outside.

All in all I am feeling very hopeful today.

I'm sure this feeling will last....until the Cowboys kickoff.