Friday, September 19, 2003



That was the last word I remember that was mystically thrust upon me.

A blogger I read, Dappled Things, made mention recently of that quirky vocabular deja vu that seems to happen to all of us, well at least it happens to me and him.

You come across a word you've never heard or seen before, and then over the next few days you'll hear that same word on the radio, or read it in a magazine, or someone will casually drop it into into a conversation, or all of the above. It's almost like there is some unseen force at work trying to make sure the word becomes part of your vocabulary.


Amy will recall the specifics better than I, but last summer I remember asking her if she knew what that word meant because I had read it somewhere. We finally looked it up. A day or two later we were on a plane to Ohio and it came up in a crossword puzzle. When we arrived in Ohio, I was reading a C.S. Lewis novel and there it was again.

There should be a word for when that happens.