Friday, September 05, 2003


Amy tells a story of when Tiffany was very, very young and she caught her Dad in a parental ruse. Tiffany responded with astonishing and astute annoyance, "Daddy, don't try using reverse psychology on me!"

Tiffany is a very bright lady. She is my stepdaughter, we're not actually related by blood, which further explains her early ability to discern when she was being played like a wheezing asthmatic at a bagpipe festival.

As for me...

Last night as we were going to bed, I mentioned to Amy that if I were to consider applying for this job in Ohio it would mean some fairly radical changes for us. Amy said, "You'll actually apply for that job when pigs fly."

In all honesty, for us to pack up and move it would take more money than could probably be offered and a series of miracles, not the least of which would be for Cedarville University to lose all common sense; however it's not like it takes a lot of work to fill out an application, print a resume, and drop it in the mail. Considering the number of relatives now in on the conspiracy it almost takes more of an effort to not do it.

Today I started thinking how easily I am able to say, "well, that's nice a dream...BUT" or "I know this is really what you want ..BUT" or "We'll be able to one day, BUT".

So, I applied for the job....

If nothing else, maybe I'll stop feeling like such a BUT.