Tuesday, September 30, 2003


I slept on C.S. Lewis this morning without realizing it. I spent last night coughing and wheezing and I'm sure I slept at some point but I didn't really feel like it this morning.

After a few hours at work, my coworkers sort of insisted I leave...working next to someone who sounds like he belongs in a TB ward makes that collective decision easier to arrive at I suspect.

Came home and crawled right into bed, and when I awoke I realized I had been sleeping on top of my copy of The Screwtape Letters. I have several C.S. Lewis books on my nightstand. I have picked up The Screwtape Letters off and on for the past few weeks and fallen asleep almost every time. In my world, that is not a bad thing. Sleep is always good and it's pretty obvious now that C.S. Lewis has already made an impression upon me...just not in the place I expected.