Monday, September 15, 2003


Spent the morning and part of the afternoon in a meeting. A meeting called by other people who then sat in front me and stared like I was some font of wisdom.

If folks stare at me long enough I'll start spouting...not necessarily wisdom, especially in the context of a meeting. I'm not sure if it's because I feel self conscious, or if I figure that unless someone talks the meeting may never end.

The meeting and my intellectual spewings dragged on so long -- well past my lunch and naptimes -- that I started having visions reminiscent of an old Warner Brothers cartoon, except my meeting cohorts began to resemble big fingers. Worse yet, I envisioned myself as something of a talking pimple.

Apply enough external pressure and out pops all sorts of gunk.

It may provide a sense of accomplishment, but I'm not sure it's really healthy.

Anyway, I spouted, they nodded and eventually we finally adjourned. However as I got up to leave, my boss asked me to write a "recap" of the meeting. The meeting which ended seconds before. He also requested I write another memo of suggestions for my television counterpart so she can have another meeting to tell her colleagues about our meeting.

I agreed to write the memo only because his first suggestion was that I attend the other meeting too!

I still had a few moments of sanity within my grasp...I told him I couldn't attend that meeting because I had a dermatologist appointment that day. It was the only excuse that popped to mind.

The day actually got sillier, but I'm too turned around to write about that. If you're truly interested, I'll try to schedule a time we can meet and discuss it.