Thursday, September 18, 2003


I thought I was coming down with something this week. The burning sensation in my throat and chest were subtle clues. So, being male, I waited a few days and finally went to my doctor. Haven't seen him in close to two years, for which I am grateful.

The day after I write about not worrying, the doctor tells me I'm probably suffering from acid reflux, ulcers could be around the corner.

I got your irony right here.

Anyway, he gave me some new drug, told me if the problems persist to visit him again, otherwise I'm fine.

As I was leaving he looked at my chart and said, "When you hit 50 I need to see you every year!"

Thanks...warnings about ulcers and turning 50...I don't know why I don't visit him more often, it's like a trip to Sunnybrook farm.
Amy and I are cutting up credit cards and doing a little financial finagling. We're going to have to do something un-American for a on a budget. We'll get by, but if you stop by for dinner you may get served beans and rice.

That's a diet that worked for the Mayans by the way...until the Aztec's cut their hearts out.

Our suffering won't be quite so severe, although we may both bleed a little as a result of our decision to cut the cable TV. I doubt we'll eliminate it completely, but all the fancy stuff really has to go. I'll be sad. Amy may have to go through serious BBC withdrawal. I won't really feel the pain until Spurs season.

All of our efforts aren't going to suddenly make us solvent, but we beat back the flames of debt a little. I started getting rid of my heartburn today too.

We're eliminating some stuff from our lives, and that will leave more room for something better...each other.

I think I'll keep fanning that particular flame.