Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I wincingly rolled out of bed and into the ibuprophen this morning.

"Bend at the knees!"

That's something my mind yells at me on regular occasions to remind me that I have back problems. Of course, one of my many personal flaws is that I ignore this advice too often. In fact I really only hear it clearly when my back is searing in pain and even then it's drowned out a bit by my periodic screams.

I came home from work and spent a few hours on my back....I was feeling better until I got up and read this little day brightener.

An asteroid may be headed for Earth. It could hit in 2014. How nice. The odds are like 900,000 to one, but then again those are better odds than what are offered by the Texas lottery and I've actually wagered money thinking I might have a shot at winning that. Wouldn't that be just my luck?

Maybe someone else is telling us:

"Bend at the knees!"