Saturday, August 02, 2003


My brother in law pointed out this article.

Why are so many killers and other criminals named Wayne?

Don't believe me? Here are links to various criminal or accused criminal "Waynes" that I found in 3 minutes searching google news for today.

A Wayne accused of murder-Victim stabbed, bitten and burned.
A Wayne accused of hugging and kissing young boys, not his young boys.
A Wayne convicted of fraud.
A Wayne accused of rape.
Another Wayne...another murder
Another Wayne...a multiple murder.

I've long held the belief that people named Wayne are predestined to evil deeds.

If your name is Wayne, I'm sure you are the exception.

I heard a theory once that a lot of men were named Wayne in the 50's, 60's, and 70's because their dads were big John Wayne fans. The theorist believed all those Waynes, saddled with an implied duty to live up their father's manly image of them, became disillusioned and turned to crime.

Of course, John Wayne was a good guy.

Then again, his real name was Marion Morrison and his middle name was Michael.