Thursday, August 07, 2003


I read this story with interest:

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Veteran black activist Al Sharpton contended Wednesday that the news media are dismissive of his presidential campaign because newsrooms are overwhelmingly white.

"I think when you look at the lack of diversity in the newsrooms, when you look at the lack of diversity from the editors and those in power, then you see them as automatically dismissive of anything that is not like them, which is white males," said Sharpton.

This from a man who has a made a living being a race activist and dismissing any honest dialogue over whether he's actually helping the people he claims to be representing.

"Hello Kettle? Pot calling."

I agree there's not enough diversity in newsrooms, not of the superficial nature that Mr. Sharpton alludes to...there's a distinct lack of diversity of thought and beliefs. How many conservative Christians do you think are on the staff of the New York Times? How about the Washington Post? Care to take a wild guess at the number on the staff of the L.A. Times?

"Tonight's lotto numbers are: 0,0,0....if you guessed those numbers you win."