Thursday, August 28, 2003


I came into work this morning and was greeted by chaos. That's not too unusual, but normally it's the chaos of society at large, not the calamity of confusion within our own newsroom. Our I.T. department (what does I.T. stand for anyway? Incompetent & Traumatic? Inept but Trying? Inaccessible & Tragic?) had notified me a few weeks ago that they would be making a system change "which would take the computers down for a few minutes." We agreed to schedule it for eight o'clock last night, and I forgot about it.

When will I learn?

All modesty aside, I completed my end of the bargain. I scheduled the work for a time when it would be the least inconvenient. There were no problems.

Until I came to work.

Then I realized no one could actually print anything, which is disconcerting...when you're in the business of writing stuff.

The computer that records network audio wasn't working, which is also somewhat annoying when you're in the business of broadcasting.

And, of course, it's three in the morning. I know this is obvious, but there aren't a bunch of cheerful folks anywhere on earth at 3 a.m., much less in my building.

There was some scrambling, some phone calling, some fingerpointing, a little denial and a lot of improvising. There were also a few suppressed urges which might have led to felony convictions.

In the end, we survived.

It took all morning, but by the time I left the office we finally had at least discovered all the issues from being "down a few minutes" and resolved most of them.

It was a draining morning.

I drove home planning to stop by the book store, but realized I left my wallet at the house. I drove more cautiously after that discovery, figuring the way the day had been going, the odds were fairly good I would get pulled over for something and hauled away.

I made it home unmolested or arrested and got in the door. Then the phone started ringing.

A couple of eager creditors who obviously know tomorrow is pay day. I'm glad tomorrow is pay day... I'm disappointed our creditors are aware of it though.
I dealt with them in my usual up front fashion...I pushed them off on Amy.

Then I sat down at the computer and began thinking about blogging.

I stared at the screen.



"Oh, great who else do we owe money to?"

"Michael, it's John. As of about 15 minutes ago, Lexie and I have a new baby!"

Welcome to the world Madeline Rae!

You made my day.