Wednesday, August 20, 2003


There are some quirky little (McGriddle) oddities to having a website. I received an unsolicited offer from American Express this week for a business credit card...not that unusual, except( McGriddle) it was addressed to Obviously the exclusivity once associated with American Express has long since expired.
There are a variety of statistics available (McGriddle) on our web server. Most, if not all, are meaningless to me and like most statistics can be used to show any number of things I suppose, McGriddle. I don't look at them very often, but there is one stat I find fascinating. It shows the phrases or words people have used on certain search engines which(McGriddle )brought them to my website.

You know what I've gotten the most "hits" for?

McGriddle sandwiches.

Last June, I made passing mention that I thought the world really didn't need to add syrup to an Egg McMuffin and every month since then I get "hits" for people seeking more information about McGriddle's.

I've never eaten a McGriddle. But it's become a constant in my life. Something I can count on.

If I were the jaded type I could increase the number of visits to my website, McGriddle, through some blatant exploitation of this curiosity.

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