Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Bet you can't eat just one!

That used to be the slogan for Lays potato chips.

I guess they abandoned that pitch around the same time as the label on the back of the bag revealed if you ate 10 chips you had consumed enough fat to feed Indonesia for a week.

As I was leaving work today, I received a copy of a congratulatory email from various corporate higher ups praising the radio station's latest rating's trend. In larger market radio we are constantly measured for audience numbers and each month we recieve the trend report. All of the numbers can be scrutinized, fractionalized, marginalized and/or rationalized depending on who needs to be impressed by them.

In reality, my pay stays the same whether ratings go up or go down. I seem to stay employed also, which probably means I work too cheap.

I don't measure my success by the ratings. If I do my job well, I know it.

I have friends in the clergy who at various times in their lives have been encouraged to win souls. Some have even had quotas of sorts. I've always found this idea scary, in part because I'm an introvert by nature and evangelism means you have to actually talk to people, but also because it conjures up images of an end game of judgment.

"I'm sorry according to the latest're trending downward."

"Didn't make it."

I wouldn't want to face ratings like that.

Mercifully, thanks to grace, I don't believe I will. Still I do feel compelled to be a better witness.

Perhaps a slogan?

"Bet you can't reach just one!"

Nah...I don't think slogans would work for me either..