Saturday, August 09, 2003


We have air conditioning!

The poor guy who came to install our new unit earned his money. We were hot, bothered and loaded for bear when he arrived five hours late. We immediately started protesting the charges his company wanted up front. The repairman was a sensible guy. He said, "Call my office, I don't get paid to fight these battles."
Amy was sensible too...she kept me off the phone.

We still ended up paying 100 dollars for a "permit", but Amy had them knock off 200 dollars in other charges.
Cleaned up and personalized the look of the blog. The guestbook is gone (no one ever signed it), so is the feature to notify folks in email if the blog changes (here's a hint, I write everyday so if you need a reminder just slap a sticky note on your monitor).

It's amazing how much time I can waste when I have time to waste.
Actually did a "home improvement" project today without any major screw up. Finished lining my home made wine cabinet with wine labels. It actually looks pretty good. I did a pseudo-decoupage thing. If nothing else it proves I learned something teaching Sunday school to cover stuff in glue.